The VerProx leverages fingerprint verification and proximity card reader technology to hinder unauthorized access. The reader requires that the fingerprint of the person seeking entry match the identity of the card-holder. This two-in-one solution combines a self-contained fingerprint verification package about the size of a business cards, with proximity card reader. The two technologies are housed together in a modern case that conforms to mullion mount standards. It is a stand-alone or network reader, that stores thousands of templates, performs verification and provides standard communication options.



5.20" (13cm) H x
1.96" (5cm) W x
2.20" (5.6cm) D

Number of Fingerprint
Templates: 4500 per unit

Fingerprint Template Size:
350 bytes

Equal Error Rate: 0.0005

Supply Voltage
.060 amps at 12V
Idle: .170 amps at 12V
.260 amps at 12V

Verify/Enroll (peak):
.300 amps at 12V

  • Multiple administration options including stand-alone (using enrollment and delete cards), roaming ( a laptop PC temporarily connected to the Veriprox RJ11 port), or network (RS485, RS 232)
  • Built-in compatibility with HID or 26-bit or 34-bit proximity infrastructure
  • Works with multiple types of fingerprints imaging devices while maintaining original enrollments
  • Field upgradeable internal processor
  • LED user feedback provided by red, green and amber
  • Audible feedback
  • Fake Finger Detection (rubber and latex)


  • Fingerprint Enroll & Delete Card
  • Bulk Card Fingerprint Delete