High Resolution, Very Low Light Cameras
  Orbiter Microspheres utilise premier quality high resolution colour cameras or colour/mono changeover cameras. Both ranges offering 'Frame Integration' mode that gives colour pictures down to an incredible 0.4 Lux colour and 0.01 Lux mono. advanced CCD chip technology achieving better than 50db signal to noise means superb low light operation down to 1 Lux colour and 0.1 Lux mono before the 'Frame Intergration' is selected for even lower light situations.
Internal Orbiter Microsphere(5")
Day/Night Changeover Camera
      The Orbiter Day/Night System allows full colour surveillance during the day down to 0.4 Lux operation, with automatic changeover to mono for very low light night time operation - fully IR responsive.
3" Microsphere internal
High Speed Precision Control, 180° Flip and 360°
continuous rotation.
      Orbiter Microspheres have high speed precision control, with electronic braking, for upto 400° second operation down to 0.1° second to give precise fine control when the camera lens is zoomed in. This level of control is achieved by the use of high quality motors combined with precision gearing and engineering.
      Slip ring are utilised to give 360° continuous rotation ensuring that when tracking or surveying a scene the panning system does not hit the 'traditional end stop'. The Orbiter also offter the operator a rapid '180° flip control' feature when the monitored item passes under the Orbiter
False ceiling fitting