Lenel Systems International's focus has always been on brining modern technology to end user in a simple way. The company's vision is to build Total Security Knowledge Management Solution™ by seamlessly integrating different technologies through open architecture.
Lenel's enterprise-wide solution, OnGuard Enterprise, was designed with an emphasis on open systems architecture, seamless integration, scalability and distributed networking. OnGuard Enterprise is a total security knowledge management solution that seamlessly integrates access control, ID management, alarm monitoring, physical asset management, digital video, and Internet / Intranet browser-based visitor management function. It is the only solution in the industry that provides distributed multi-server architecture with unique database synchronization technology.
OnGuard Enterprise supports OpenAccess™, Lenel's set of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable hardware manufacturers and software application developers to integrate their products into the Lenel Total Security Knowledge Management Solution. Within this framework, the OpenDevice™ API set was designed for electronic hardware and device integration. The OpenExchange™ API set was designed for software application integration into the OnGuard platform. Using these open protocol interfaces allows for seamless integration with any third party systems and hardware devices, ensuring device and data exchange independence. The result is a high quality, seamlessly integrated product that provides end-users with complete freedom of choice in suppliers and installers of mission critical system.  
As illustrated in Figure 1, third party devices and applications can be added to the enterprise's security environment using simple plug and play technology. If, for example, the enterprise were to acquire a file alarm system, the new fire controllers could be seamlessly integrated into the OnGuard Enterprise system by using the OpenDevice protocol. Incorporating new software applications is equally straight forward. (See Figure 2) If the enterprise needed to share information in real time between its OnGuard Enterprise application and human resources database, the HR application could be easily plugged into the security environment by using the OpenExchange API to link the two.  
Using OpenAccess, OnGuard Enterprise can interface with firewalls can interface with firewalls, virus detection software, network routing switches, intrusion detection systems, database servers, building control systems, and other devices and applications. Events generated in the OnGuard Enterprise system can be used to trigger actions in the other domains, and vice-versa. This integration enables centralized control of access to facilities data and other company assets. Lenel's vision of Total security Knowledge Management Solutions is the seamless integration of electronic security management systems with centralized user management and data and network security.  
  • Single system, single code, single database, single UI, single application, single network architecture
  • Date organized for optimum performance
  • One application accessing single bank of data
  • Optimized for scalability
  • Easy access to data
  • Easy upgrade
  • Any changes are instantly available to the entire application