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Orbiter Features:
Day/Night: colour/mono camera High Resolution Camera Extremely Low Light Operation

18x Fast Zoom (72 x Digital) Autofocus, Autolris Backlight Compensation Intelligent Zoom Control High Speed Precision Control 360° Continuous Rotation 128 Preset Positions Sophisticated "Patrol" Facility Complete Range of Control Equipment Plug + Play Installation Wide Range of Options. more....

MaxCom Features:
Wide range of telemetry control systems.
Control for 1 up to 32 cameras.
Systems for up to 8 monitors.

128 presets for each camera.
4 programmable patrols for each camera.
Programmable camera switcher.
Programmable text inserter. Easy to use 'set up' menus.
Alarm override control. Alarm expansion capability.
PC software matrix control with digital recording .
Range of telemetry receivers. more....
OMNI Quest Plus
for Windows™:
PC-Based Video Matrix Switcher Up to 300 Cameras, 80 Monitors, 1,000 Alarms and 1,000 Relays. more....
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  • Provides an anti-passback solution for proximity card reader systems by requiring a valid fingerprint for each card.
  • Compatibility with HID and Motorola proximity cards
  • Set contained unit stores 4500 fingerprints.
  • Convenient software package provides user friendly fingerprint template enrollment and administration capabilities.
  • Fingerprint templates are compatible with other fingerprint verification system, including time recording and network security systems.
  • User-friendly installation with pigtail connections and single gang or mullion mount compatibility.
  • Flexible communication options including RS232, RS485 and Wiegand.
  • Simple and quick enrollment of fingerprints, less than 2 seconds per fingerprint.
  • Intuitive user interface with red, green and amber LED signals that are based on standard proximity card feedback.
  • Advanced technology maintains fingerprint verification accuracy with dirty, cut, scarred, aged, wet and dry fingers. more....
  • PR-ASR-603, 605, 610, and 620 are weatherized for indoor and outdoor operation.
  • Aesthetic design allows for installation inside office buildings.
  • Easily upgradable from other technologies.
  • Low-profile exterior and interior mounts.
  • Single piece construction for hassle free installation.
  • PR-ASR-603 and PR-ASR-605 both use a 4 to 16 VDC linear power.
  • PR-ASR-610 uses 4 to 14 VDC linear power.
  • PR-ASR-620 uses 12 to 24 VDC linear power supply.
  • PR-ASR-603, 605, 610 and 620 have read ranges that vary from 4" to 24" (10 to 60.9 cm) depending on the card, mounting, and model type. more....
  • Pro Series readers use an advanced signal processing technique to communicate with proximity cards and keytags.
  • All proximity readers operate on low power for extended reader operation.
  • Pro Series readers are designed to provide protection against reader tampering.
  • The Pro Series readers are sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate enclosure to withstand harsh environments.
  • A LED indicator on the Pro Series readers visually comfirms a successful read.
  • Pro Series readers are warranted for two years from date of shipment. more....
  • Easy to use.
  • Interactive enrollment .
  • Adjustable security.
  • Virtually instant verification (average time is less than one second).
  • Visual and audible indicators.
  • Maintenance free image capture.
  • Flexible communication options.
  • High-capacity device storing extensive transaction logs.
  • Store many thousands of fingerprint templates.
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 DLL compatible.
  • Upload and download templates to a host PC.
  • Query Veriprint status.
  • Set parameters for terminal-to-PC communications.
  • Read/write event information from memory and communicate to a host PC.
  • Enroll and verify from a PC or terminal.
  • Reprogram all display prompts.
  • ASCII command set provides the same functionality as the DLL. more....
















WIN-PRO integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you a full-featured security solution serving any size facility. This 32-bit integrated Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV and Badging system runs on Windows NT, taking full advantage of the Windows NT security model. Multiple communication servers on a LAN/WAN provide distributed networking capabilities, significantly improving system performance. Flexible database architecture uses Microsoft Access (jet) or Microsoft SQL Sever 7.0 for more robust performance and expedient transaction processing. Multiple account support allows separate operators' access to the card database, badge layout and reporting.  
Information technology executives are now part of the team to purchase security system. Security directors and managers are deeply involved in decision-making relative to products to protect computers and information, too.                       more....